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by Hazing Over

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Pestilence 03:57
From all strangles I knew something was missing The violence was deafening Tried not to listen But I hit a wall Looked at the actual Pressured to shrug it off deemed it irrational I aimed for change with this Thought it was possible Without realizing it’s just Another obstacle Now I’m forced to resort to this acceptance But I have come to terms so don’t forget this I won’t go quietly onto a grave I’m entirely disengaged Disengaged with any hopeful guise I’m enraged with a complicit rise Breaking down just to catch a break Laying low as they raise the stakes My world is a pestilence Shallow benevolence Poisons the air My world is a pestilence It is a testament Code of despair Tonight Abhorrence prevails Without a shadow of any doubt A revelation comes and it shouts Rejecting this isn’t of any use Don’t bother confronting You have no excuse
Sty 01:08
At least my tongue Won't taste the boot They eat your young Mindlessly shoot One thing in mind Eradicate All but their kind Payroll in the mud Money’s dirty from the blood Corrupt by design It’s one small step for pigkind To decide who lives And whose lives they want to end They never call the shots For they see no consequence I don’t need a badge To assert my dominance All I need to do is ask To shatter your competence Swim into the scum You’re beyond delusional Become a victim when their abuse unfolds Bastards willing for faster killings Try to comply And you’re left to die Then they go back to the sty
Jock 02:07
You talk about taking on all of your goals But I will succeed raking you over the coals Can’t stand your presence my blood begins to boil I’ll jock your essence and collect all the spoils You will soon realize my urge is primitive Doming endlessly your time is limited throwing fists try to land but you miss I raise the merciless When I know you’re purposeless So get it over with and try to hinder quick Rattle on and on, no end to slithering Identify a snake a wake follows a fist This is why your life’s amiss I don’t have time for this
Ungodly 03:23
I’m so above switching codes absorbing love So what about hate? I’m numb and fuck it feels great It’s not practical but I don’t give a fuck it’s magical Watch as I separate to a death that’s worse than fate I’ve wasted so much of my precious time on a crutch Now it takes your peak a few days to know it’s weak If I’m not in it, then you’ll have to wait a minute Fucking chains at the strongest link Gouge away and I won’t blink Still staring death in the face Not gonna act like that shit’s commonplace But you’re in luck You won’t realize how completely fucked you are until I walk away My impression doesn’t have a lot to say But it’s ungodly lit So bow down you piece of shit. Ungodliness is no pretense Not alive Fuck your vibes I am seemingly evil through your selfish selfless scope, But that shit isn’t lethal and I’ll dodge all of your tropes. I know your bullshit cuz I’m on that bullshit Past it Where it doesn’t matter at all Nothing matters at all When there’s nothing left to care for For no one I’d be there for Then I’ll be on my way I haven’t got all day for your drivel. I will never slip Egoless on a trip I’m never civil Knocked unconscious with no conscience Nothing’s vital I’m your idol Try and sense my senselessness It’s relentless But I’ll look beyond the surface And won’t be shocked to find you’re worthless


released February 19, 2021

Jake Yencik - Vocals, Mixing
Owen Traynor - Guitars, Synthesis, Lyrics, Mixing
Alex Walsh - Guitars
Cody Walsh - Bass, Photography
Jack Wells - Drums

Evan Yester - Recording Engineer
Charles Hart - Mixing Engineer

Nate Inglesby - Cover Post-Production
Graphic Design by Enroht Designs

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Produced by Owen Traynor


all rights reserved



Hazing Over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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